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Name:MTF community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Community for female-identified trans people, friends and allies
You are expected to read all the rules before you comment/post.
Failure to do so is your own fault, so don't come crying to us mods when we snark you and/or you get banned.

Rules and Regulations:

1) Content Issues: Privilege, Oppression, Intersectionality, and More

a) Since we want this comm to be comfortable for survivors, we ask that all posts containing violent topics or imagery be placed behind an appropriately labeled cut.
So if your post mentions rape, place a cut labeled something like "cut for mentions of sexual assault." And if your post contains violent imagery, such as "I wanna fucking strangle him!", place it behind a cut labeled violent imagery.
Please only post comments with violent imagery when replying to a post with a cut for it. Ditto with replying with icons containing violence (but no using them for posts).

b) This is a trans-women-centric space.
This is not a safe space for cis* folk of any stripe; as you all have cis* privilege and, knowingly or not, participate in oppressing trans* folks.
Cis* partners do not experience transphobia like a trans person does; claiming you do will get you banned.
Trans folk do not oppress or silence cis* folk; claiming we do will get you banned.
Trans misogyny from anyone--FAAB trans people included--will get you banned.

c) We recognize that the 'isms' work together to create all the things that piss us off. No transphobia, racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism, etc. This also means, no language that is transphobic, ableist, racist, etc. (this includes words such as "fucktard", as it is derived from retard).
Words such as bitch or faggot are allowed if used in a reclaimed, positive way (e.g. a gay trans man can call himself a fag because he is 1. queer and 2. using it in a positive manner).
It is quite possible to express yourself without using bigoted language; if you don't think you can, try reading through the archives or googling for insulting words/phrases (or, create some on your own!). If this is too difficult for you, perhaps you should join a different community.

d) Please recognize that these are intersecting systems of oppression that benefit certain groups and oppress other groups.
It is not possible for an oppressed person to oppress a privileged person (regarding that specific oppression); there is no such thing as "reverse racism" or "cisphobia." If you yell at someone for being "too m33n" to t3h defenseless white/men/straight/cis* folks, we will ban you and then laugh at you.

e) Other members are allowed to call out fucked up shit in your posts/comments, but we ask that they also notify us mods.
You do not have to be nice or polite to other members; just remember, no oppressive shit. Yes, there is a difference between being oppressive and being mean.

f) But, you are not allowed to tell someone they are being "too PC" or oversensitive; everything from survival sex-work to your friend using the wrong pronouns/name is a part of the systemic oppression of trans* folks and it all sucks.
This includes other oppressions too; telling someone to "let things roll off your back more" because they don't want you saying ableist, fatphobic, sexist, etc. shit is also against the rules.

g) Rape-apologism and/or minimizing rape are not okay. So, no saying someone was "asking for it" or talking about how your post was "raped by html."

(i)Nobody needs a reminder that privileged groups feel pain too; an indictment of one 'ism' is not a dismissal of every other wrong in existence. If you belong to a privileged group, you will most likely be checked at one time or another. Before getting defensive, look back at your post and query whether you deserved it. Repeated and unchecked assertion of privilege will in most cases warrant a ban.

(iii)The members of this community enjoy a space in which they may freely discuss both historical and contemporary transphobia, discrimination, and the effects thereof on trans* people. These discussions may include observations about how cis* folk contribute to transphobia and discrimination. This is not "cisphobia." The members of this community are free to discuss the ways in which cis* folks contribute to transphobia and discrimination without being accused of “cisphobia” themselves.

(iv) Various -isms work together to create oppression, but this does not make them the same or comparable. It is not acceptable to compare 'isms' either in your post, or in the comments. Everyone loses at the Oppression Olympics.

2) Technical Posting Issues

a) No spam or quizzes, and no advertising. The one exception is advertising relevant communities and events. Advertising products is right out, although that doesn't mean you can't recommend a particular item to someone who needs it, for example hormones, PMS remedies, gaffs and so forth. I would ask that people only advertise an event or community once, in order to keep the community from getting cluttered.

b)If you post a link to an article, also post the text behind an lj cut for preservation and convenience purposes. If you are going to post a link, provide some context and commentary in rant form. If you post a link or an article and do not post a rant as well, your post will be deleted.

c) Stay on topic. Posters must stick with subjects pertaining to the MAAB trans experience. Anyone can post, of course, but we just ask it stay relevant.

d) If your post is extremely long (as in, 40+ lines), put the majority of it behind a cut. You should leave the initial paragraph or two. If you do not know how to cut, you can learn here.
If your rant includes pictures or videos of any sort, place them behind a cut.
Failure to do so in a reasonable amount of time means that the post will be deleted.

e) You must enable comments for your posts. Deleting posts and comments is a moderator job. Except for purposes of spelling/grammar correction, you may not delete/edit comments. Do not delete other people's comments in your posts. Do not delete your own comments in other people's posts. Do not delete your own comments in your own posts. Do not freeze threads in your own post.
Unless you are making a slight correction, all edits to a post should be at the end in an ETA. Do not delete posts; if you want a post deleted, ask the mods to do it.

f) If you have a response to a specific mtf post, do not make a new post, respond in the comments of that post.

g) No personal info. Do not post things like peoples names, address, phone number, email address, etc... This will very likely get you banned in one shot. Even if they have posted this info elsewhere, don't do it here. Please refer to people by their username. Locked posts are locked for a reason... don't copy stuff elsewhere.

h) The moderators reserve the right to delete posts and to ban for offenses including (but not necessarily limited to) intentional violation of any of the rules on this page. We will work as a team and consult each other before making any permanent decisions.

i) To avoid trolling, the community has been put on moderation. Membership is contingent upon approval from the moderators, and only members can post and comment. To join the community, you may click the link at the top of the page. The moderators will assess your interest in the community based on your public journal entries and list of interests. If your request is denied and you would like the decision to be reconsidered, you may message/email the moderators. Please note that a polite email, that includes your username, is key to reconsideration.
Generally, if you are rejected and don't know why, it was because you have few/no public entries and a sparse profile.

j) Joking with the mods is fine. Laughing off or snarking at a mod note or warning means that you will not be given the benefit of the doubt (and are far more likely to be banned if rule-breaking behaviour continues).

k) Unless you have permission from the original poster or the mods, do not cut and paste (or screen cap) portions of posts or entire posts into other communities for any reason. This applies to other members' comments as well. If you cut and paste or link to another member's post or comment on your own journal in a public post for the purposes of mockery, the moderators may revoke your membership privileges. Plagiarism, for obvious reasons, is also prohibited.

Trolling will not be tolerated. Just try it.
Having a troll problem? Contact the mods by email. Do not contact the moderators on their personal journals, as they will become cranky.
Remember, the 1st Amendment applies to congress; not LJ mods.
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